Sur-ron Light Bee X

Hybrid cross MTB/Dirtbike. No pedalling, road legal, extreme fun.
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Colours: Black, Silver/White, Green, Blue, Red, Orange, Yellow,  Grey
The Sur-Ron Light Bee X was released June 2018 and is an off-road electric dirt bike weighing 50kg.

The Light Bee X, has an upgraded, more powerful motor controller than it’s predecessor the Light Bee including Vector and Field Orient Control (FOC), along with kinetic energy, regenerating battery, providing overall higher top speed, more power and torque! 


Weight: 50kg
Range: 50km Sports mode / 100km Eco mode
Torque: 40NM
Power Output: 2040W
Battery: 60V Panasonic High rate ternary Lithium 

Length: 1860mm
Width: 780mm
Height: 1050mm
Ground Clearance: 270mm
Wheelbase: 1260mm
Seat height: 250mm
Suspension: Front 200mm Rear 80-210mm

The Light Bee has a new improved motor controller known as the X controller. This new motor controller features Vector Control / Field-Oriented Control (FOC), and thereby powers the motor with a variable frequency sine wave, resulting in higher top speeds and greater torque. The new X controller also has kinetic energy recovery in sport mode enabling the motor to recharge the battery, allowing for longer battery life.


Dirt Light Bee – 450,000 JPY
Road Light Bee – 490,000 JPY


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